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Bulletproof Coffee Tip No. 2

Make it right. Remember to blend. Use the right ingredients!

Bulletproof Coffee Tip No. 3

Read. Purchase the Bulletproof Diet Book. Available on Amazon and instores at Fully Booked. This book literally changed our lives. 45 pounds (each!) lost, and feeling better than ever.


It helps me think better and gives me more energy which I need due to the demands of my speaking engagements.

Chinkee (Verified Purchase)

I was experiencing knee pain during long shift as a massage therapist before I started supplementing with Upgraded Collagen Protein and noticed that it was completely gone after a couple of weeks of daily 2 tbsp dose in my coffee (now switched to tea). Needless to say, I have maintained that regimen and the knee pain has never returned, going on a couple of years now. Highly recommended.

Shyama N. (Verified purchase)

A life changing essential component of the fat-burning, optimal performance lifestyle. This is a must have in any pantry, just as important as good coffee itself. I will run out of salt and pepper before I let my stock run low on Brain Octane.

Justin (Verified purchase)

Great product! I've used XCT Oil for my Bulletproof Coffee for about 10 months now, and will never NOT do this. Satiating, delicious, great AM waker-upper too, with no jitters as you would get from simple over-caffeination. Love XCT Oil and Bulletproof!

Bridget (Verified purchase)

Absolutely thrilled with the results from the XCT oil! Specifically my focus on everyday tasks and as weird as it may sound my awareness of my peripherals has increased. XCT is great but if you want to experience the nectar of the gods Brain Octane is the thing to try!!

Cuck (Verified purchase)

Began the Brain Octane after speaking with my daughter who was raving about her increased energy level and mental acuity.
So far the results have been quite positive as it helps in sharpening my focus. Use it with organic coffee and grass fed butter in the morning to start my day in motion.

Tony (Verified purchase)

Collagen Protein is a lifesaver. My hairdresser actually asked me what I was using on my hair because she noticed it had gotten thicker. People have also started complimenting my skin. And to think I'm taking it because it took the pain in my knees away. 

Emily (Verified purchase)

I never leave the house without my bullet proof coffee! It gives me the fuel and energy to start my day without the need of carbs.

Nic (Verified purchase)

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