How to go Bulletproof®

Bulletproof® Coffee is a hack created by renowned health guru and Silicone Valley Executive Dave Asprey.  It gives you sustained energy, enhanced cognitive function, mental focus, and the best yet: freedom from food cravings!

Take note that Bulletproof® Coffee is a recipe. Yes, there are so many ways you could do it-- some add maple syrup or honey (ugh!) and some use coconut oil. It's a free country. You can make your coffee however which way you want, but to make THE Bulletproof® coffee that has changed so many lives, there is only ONE way to make it. 

Download the recipe card here.

And download the diet roadmap here. 

For those who want to understand why Bulletproof® oils are best for Bulletproof® Coffee and what the difference between XCT and Brain Octane is, click here

We highly recommend that you buy the book. Available in Fully Booked and on Kindle. Click here.