MCT Powder

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Powdered MCT (C8 and C10)
Are you intrigued by Bulletproof Coffee but don't have the time or energy to put it all together? All you need is half a teaspoon of this and you're good to go. 
40 servings! No blender needed
Skip the sugar, or use a sugar substitute to sweeten your coffee (stevia or erythritol!, not sucralose) for best effect. 
  • Premium MCT OIL - Made with only C8 and C10 MCT OIL powder, you're sure to get a great-tasting cup of Keto coffee
  • DAIRY FREE - Contains no animal products at all. Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, and contains no artificial flavors, or artificial sweeteners.
  • DIET & WEIGHT LOSS - MCT oil promotes the production of ketones and helps the body enter ketosis. This powdered coffee creamer can help curb your appetite, boost weight loss, and help you feel more energized.
  • ENERGY & FOCUS - Using MCT oil for coffee can help your concentration, mental focus, and energy metabolism throughout the day.
  • EASY TO MIX - While others might require a blender, our powdered MCT oil blends easily into your hot water.

Ingredients: MCT C8, MCT C10, Tapioca Starch