Unfair Advantage 30 Ampules

Unfair Advantage 30 Ampules

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  • Provides a quick, body-friendly burst of brain-enhancing energy without the jittery caffeine vibe
  • Works at the cellular level, supporting mitochondrial health and efficiency to help the power plants in your cells create energy
  • Promotes heart & nerve cell function
  • 1 package of Unfair Advantage contains 30 mini-shots (30 servings)
  • New proprietary liposomal delivery system uses Brain Octane® oil and other special fats to help your body preferentially absorb Active PQQ™ and CoQ10 to power peak performance

What would you consider an unfair advantage? How about a quick, body-friendly burst of brain-enhancing energy? Call on Unfair Advantage anytime you need a boost without that jittery caffeine vibe.

Unfair Advantage works on the cellular level. It supplies your mitochondria with the raw materials they need to repair themselves and power your body at full-blast. The result is amazing: clean, focused energy that can only be described as feeling on your game. It’s just you being awesome.

Unfair Advantage pairs Active PQQ (a unique composition of Pyrroloquinoline quinone) with CoQ10 in a synergistic energy formula. Unfair Advantage uses a proprietary liposomal delivery system designed for maximum bioavailability using Brain Octane® oil and a blend of other special fats so your body will preferentially absorb them, which means a noticeable effect so you can perform your best.

Active PQQ™ is a special form of PQQ that's encased in a lipid blend including Brain Octane oil to support enhanced absorption. Common PQQ supplements available at your local health food store are in the disodium salt form of PQQ, which is well studied in animals with positive effects, but the effects are dramatically reduced for humans because this particular form precipitates out in an acidic environment like your stomach. This means you don't absorb it effectively, and don't feel the effects you should.

The Active PQQ™ is then paired with CoQ10, a well known enhancer of mitochondrial function to increase the overall effects. Both CoQ10 and PQQ occur naturally in the body, and are integral to good mitochondrial function and cellular energy production.

There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when your mitochondria turn on. This is the cellular energy that affects your brain first, where you have a very dense amount of mitochondria.

Unfair Advantage™ also increases mitochondria biogenesis, your body's ability to create new, more effective mitochondria. This means that your body will understand that it will benefit from having better power plants in your cells, and will clear out old mitochondria and replace it with new mitochondria.[6] It also boosts energy production and function of existing mitochondria.




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